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MERU is a campus in The Netherlands offering courses, retreats and events to the global Transcendental Meditation community. Our mission is to bring the timeless knowledge of consciousness and its applications to all – for a healthy, vibrant, and peaceful society.


Discover how to apply knowledge of consciousness to all areas of life through residence courses that prioritise a balanced routine of rest and activity.


Enjoy profound rest and rich community when you dive deep into your TM and TM-Sidhi progamme with others. Retreats are currently held in Dutch, German, and English.

& Assemblies

Meet others in the global TM community and enjoy Vedic recitations that enliven natural law for a happier, more evolutionary life.

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Accelerate your development with the Advanced Techniques and TM-Sidhi Course – programmes to cultivate higher states of consciousness after learning TM.


Join the community as a MERU Volunteer. You’ll be part of an international group of meditators dedicated to self-development and service.

Maharishi AyurVeda
Health Centre

Detoxify and rejuvenate the body, mind, and consciousness with personalised SPA and Panchakarma treatments, based on the timeless system of AyurVeda.

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