Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre in Vlodrop


Authentic AyurVeda to purify the mind, body, and consciousness.

Rejuvenate the mind and body with a Maharishi AyurVeda treatment. Our Spa and Panchakarma treatments will gently enliven your body’s own natural healing mechanisms to support good health and well-being – and detoxify the entire physiology.


What is AyurVeda?

AyurVeda, meaning ‘science of life,’ comes from the ancient Vedic tradition of India, where it has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. While centuries of neglect led to a decline in AyurVeda, in 1980 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi began working to restore it to its completeness with the help of foremost experts of AyurVeda. Now, this age-old knowledge is enlivened in its completeness – ready for you to enjoy and use to support your lifestyle.



Visiting the Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre

All treatments at our Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre are done according to authentic, traditional procedures as prescribed by Ayurvedic experts. While the Centre is on a temporary pause due to relocation as of October 2019, in early 2020 we will again offer consultations, spa and Panchakarma treatments in a facility near our MERU Vlodrop campus.